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Wadakura Gate Law Office


M&A / Business Transfer

M&A transactions are conducted actively not only by public-listed companies but also by unlisted companies, whereby the number of troubles or disputes regarding M&A transactions is on the increase. In the case of M&A transactions, it is very important to identify and understand the risks and costs through due diligence and establishment of scheme prior to signing, and to elaborate the contractual terms because it is difficult or impractical to cancel the M&A contract after closing.

We support companies in making speedy business decisions regarding the establishment of acquisition scheme in buy-side, negotiations with authorities, due diligence, contract negotiations, etc. In sell-side, we support companies in selling the business speedily and safely through packaging, responding to due diligence and contract
negotiations, etc.

Further, we represent companies as attorneys at negotiation stage or in legal procedures for disputes, regarding representation and warranty clause disputes and non-competition duties after closing, etc.